Company Capabilities

Message from the President

          I have worked hard during my 35 years of construction work in Louisiana to develop and cultivate business relationships and friendships. I have instilled in my Company a deep respect for all of our clients’ needs and have tirelessly labored to satisfy these needs. Additionally, we endeavor to treat our subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, and employees fairly and honestly. Employing and developing local business in our contracting locales has been a hallmark of my business since Hurricane Katrina.
          Our Company is growing. We have been blessed with the opportunity to serve St. Bernard Parish in a Prime Contract with BP Exploration and Petroleum, Inc. I have continued my work in Louisiana involving large earth moving and other civil construction projects. Our firm is also developing new supply sources as well as expanding the geographic reach of our firm. These are exciting times filled with opportunity. I invite anyone with civil construction or disaster response needs to contact me. Even if our firm cannot suitably assist you, I undoubtedly will know the firms who
can meet your needs.


Alvin P. Loupe (“Paul Loupe”)